Specially GSP BTMA Certificate is a supporting declaration against under government GSP Duty Drawback facility. Mainly this certificate will be taken from a yarn supplier. Actually, the GSP facility will be taken for export purposes which yarn from the local market. But central bank assurance that they are able to export to a foreign country they must be capable to get GSP facility against under export. For this reason, the seller give GSP BTMA to a local buyer which was initially authorized by BTMA (Bangladesh Textile Manufacturing & Association)

Why Necessary of GSP BTMA

  • Now here described necessary for GSP BTMA for better understanding:
  • Exporter increase they are business volume for getting GSP facility.
  • Day by Day increasing new business platform for GSP facility & support.
  • Banking & Audit clearance & they work properly for BTMA clearance.
  • Customs & EPB easy trace or audit they are Import summary by GSP BTMA.

How Many Documents Required for GSP BTMA

  • GSP BTMA – Photocopy
  • Mushok -11 – Photocopy
  • Delivery Chalan – Photocopy.
  • Commercial Invoice – Photocopy.
  • Back-To-Back LC- Photocopy.
  • Proforma Invoice – Photocopy.
  • Export LC / Sales Contract

GSP BTMA Procedure

  • After getting GSP BTMA proposal checking carefully which they are demand or adjustment yarn.
  • Carefully fill up Computer type or hand writing “GSP Certificate” as per buyer summary sheet.
  • Then submit the file Individually to GSP BTMA desk responsible officer.
  • At last, within 1 or 2 days later will be got GSP BTMA Certificate from responsible & person.