Now an importer having Import Registration Certificate (IRC) can Import any permissible item without any value and quantity restrictions and without obtaining any permission from any authority.

The procedure for issuance of the Import Registration Certificate has been simplified. It requires only the following documents:

(1). Up-to-Date Trade License
(2) Bank Solvency Certificate

(3) Membership Certificate of any Chamber of Commerce or Association

(4) Proprietorship in case of proprietorship, e-Tin, and NID card.

(5) If there is a partnership, all partner photos, e-tin, NID card and copy of partnership deed, and RJSC certificate.

(6) If it is a limited company then the Chairman and MD’s photo, e-Tin, NID card, and the company’s e-Tin, RJSC Certificate, Form-XII are required.

(4) If there are any foreign shareholders in the limited company then the Chairman and MD’s photo, e-Tin, NID card, and the company’s e-Tin, RJSC Certificate, Form-XII, Company Employee List will be required. In addition, passports, work permits, and photographs of foreign shareholders will be required. If it is foreign, it will cost an additional fifteen thousand rupees along with the above fee.

(4) If the industry is IRC, then the permission letter of the Board of Investment or the concerned sponsor will be required and additional twenty thousand rupees will be spent.

The importers have been classified into 6 (six) categories on the basis of their value ceiling of overall annual import. The initial category wise registration fees and annual renewal fees are as under:

CategoryValue Ceiling of annual importInitial Registration feesAnnual renewal fees
1stTk. 5,00,000Tk. 5,000Tk. 3,000
2ndTk. 5,00,001-25,00,000Tk. 10,000Tk. 6,000
3rdTk. 25,00,001-50,00,000Tk. 18,000Tk. 10,000
4thTk. 50,00,001-1,00,00,000Tk. 30,000Tk. 15,000
5thTk. 1,00,00,001-5,00,00,000Tk. 45,000Tk. 22,000
6thTk. 5,00,00,001-20,00,00,000Tk. 60,000Tk. 24,000
7thTk. 20,00,00,001-50,00,00,000Tk. 70,000Tk. 28,000
8thTk. 50,00,00,000-100,00,00,000 or AboveTk. 80,000Tk. 32,000

Required documents to change the name, address, and ownership of the organization:

(1) Name, address, and ownership of the organization
(2) License of the Chief Controller;
(3) Letter of recommendation from the concerned sponsor;
(4) Original / attested copy of trade license;
(5) Trade representing chambers / related businesses Original/attested copy of the valid membership certificate of the association;
(6) Original / attested copy of TIAN;
(7) Original / attested copy of the bank solvency certificate;
(8) Certificate of Nationality / National Identity Card /Original / attested copy of passport;
(9) Filled form of Appendix-26 / Appendix-27 / Appendix-28;
(10) Original / attested copy of registered partnership deed in case of joint ownership;
(11) Limited Original / Attested Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association and Certificate of Incorporation in case of Company (with Form-XII);
(12) Foreign in case of foreign/multinational industrial establishments attested copy of partners’ work permits;
(13) In the case of multinational industrial organizations, joint venture agreements and list of officers/employees;
(14) Original / attested copy of office/factory lease agreement.

Required documents for change of nominated bank:

(1) Application form of the concerned institution;
(2) Original copy and photocopy of the renewal book along with the registration certificate;
(3) Original / attested copy of the no-objection letter of existing nominated bank;
(4) Original / attested copy of the certificate of financial solvency of the modified / newly nominated bank.